The First Wave at Omaha Beach

The First Wave at Omaha Beach


For my final project of the Summer 2018 semester, I designed a “choose your own adventure” activity to teach users about the D-Day invasion.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction activity:

You are a WWII soldier from Bedford, Virginia, who’s an infantryman in the famed 116th Infantry Regiment of the 29th Division.

You and your four best friends from high school all enlisted in the Army National Guard on December 8, 1941. Now, three years later, after training in both the United States and England, you are getting ready to cross the English Channel and invade Normandy, a northwest region of France.

Your choices will determine if you survive the war and make it back home to Virginia, or if you’ll die on the battlefield in France.


If you have completed the “choose your own adventure” activity, please submit a reflection.