3rd Piece of the Puzzle

In a brief blog post, describe your intended audience for the final project and why you chose that audience.

Initially, my intended audience for my project was just going to be military history buffs (or _____ War buffs, depending on if I decide to focus on a particular war). However, upon further thinking, it might be best for me to–gasp–take on the role of a teacher for this project. Therefore, I might want to think of my project as a model for other teachers, something that they would feel comfortable using in their classrooms. However alien it is for me to consider myself a teacher (I’ve never, ever considered that career trajectory, mostly because I am terrible at explaining things), I think having an audience of teachers puts me outside my comfort zone in a good way. After all, it’s easy for me to communicate with people who share the same interests as me–they’re basically me! It’s more useful for my project to be a template for teachers, as then students will firsthand learn to correct these misconceptions. If I want to reach students who know little but have the potential to become very interested, I need to reach their teachers.