Project Personas

Persona 1

Name: Alex Artist
Demographic: Recent graduate
Descriptive Title: Artist, graphic designer
Quote: “Art imitates life, and life should imitate art.”

A Day in a Life Narrative:

I’m pretty good with computers, as I work in graphic design. When I stumble across a website, I expect it to look very professional. All the flash doesn’t really matter if you can’t figure out where to click. While I spend a fair amount of time online, I also appreciate my time when I can just paint on a canvas, no fancy technology involved.

End Goals:

If I’m going to view an online gallery, I want the presentation to be on par with the art. It’s a shame to have beautiful paintings on blank HTML. I’m willing to putter around more than most people, trying to figure out all the special features and such, but I much prefer a design that’s intuitive. A website shouldn’t be like a maze, especially a gallery in which the sole purpose is for viewing images, not hiding information. Since I’m now done with school, I don’t have much interest in blocks of text on wars I don’t understand. I want to read what interests me, and what interests me is art. A painting can stand by itself, certainly, but context is also key. I expect a lot out of online galleries, yes, but this should be the standard, especially if you want people to see your website.

Persona 2

Name: Patty Plainville
Demographic: Mother
Descriptive Title: Longtime Plainville resident
Quote: “Does the blinking light mean it’s on?”
A Day in a Life Narrative:

I’ve lived in Plainville, Conn., all my life, so I live a pretty typical suburban life. Most of my activities that involve computers also involve solitaire, trying to upload photos, and checking out other people’s kids’ photos on Facebook. I’m not disinterested in subjects like history and art, but I just don’t find that stuff online a lot.
End Goals:

If I was going to look at a gallery online, I would want to do so because it interests me, not because everyone else is interested. I would be interested in reading about Plainville, Conn., history, mostly because it would let me see how things have changed from then until now. However, the most important thing about a website is user-friendliness. I will never think about how easy a website is to use, but when a website is bland and the links are in strange places, then it’s incredibly hard to ignore! A bad website really affects my whole experience. I’m not interested in the message if the font is too small or if I have to click all over the place to find something. But when I do get to the info, I don’t want to read a textbook–that’s my kids’ problem to worry about! I want to feel a personal connection.


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