Blog Reflection Post 8

Because of my internship, I am confident that public history is the thing I want to do. It’s very easy in the midst of graduate school historiography papers to wonder if the work you’re doing will impact anyone, let alone change the field. However, interning with the National Museum of American History has reminded me that my education has not existed in a vacuum. Everything I’ve learned at George Mason University–from digital public humanities to applied history–has helped me succeed in this internship, not by preemptively outfitting me with every skill I’ll ever need, but by giving me the foundations so I can figure things out on my own. However, a small part of me was wondering if I’d even enjoy public history–a small part, but still worrisome. However, coming from the other side of this internship, I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity and happy that I decided to go back to school to study history. I finally feel at peace with my academic decisions, and though I know the real world of job interviews awaits, I look forward to my own future as well as the future of public history and digital humanities.

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