Project Progress Update 3

This update is pretty lackluster, but I’m just working on all the same things that I wrote about for my second project update. The bulk of my project rests on the Plainville history, and so I’m focusing on that. I’m also looking forward, thinking about what would entail a user-friendly experience on my webpage. I feel limited by what the Omeka layout can do, but I’ve settled on a good layout now, one with text that’s easily readable and links that are more visible.

Okay, I’ve been rethinking this whole project. I’ve nixed the idea of including Plainville history–it distracts from Gordon–and my main focus is going to be on uploading all the photos that I have of his artwork. Then, I’m going to start an Instagram account to showcase his art to as many people as possible. This feels like the correct path to correctly pay homage to Gordon. One of my main goals now is designing a logo based on his signature.

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