Annotating Oral History

I think the mission of the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer┬áis a very admirable one, particularly since I’ve transcribed oral histories of veterans during my time interning at the American Veterans Center. I transcribed to add subtitles in some cases, but most of the time, I transcribed so I could figure out what to tag the video as. However, OHMS goes the extra step and takes you to the point in the video where a particular subject is talked about, rather than simply writing that the video contains that subject somewhere. While I agree this is a natural and seemingly obvious step, I think it might be a little too ambitious. Given all the issues our class had with accessing the site, it may not be user-friendly enough to be crowdsourced just yet. As I’ve discussed last semester, if too much work has to go into crowdsourcing, even the most particular Wikipedia editors aren’t going to do it.

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