6th Piece of the Puzzle

Write a blog post describing your final project, including an overview of the topic, the focus of your work, intended audience, and purpose. What are your next steps?

My final project is a “choose-your-own-adventure” interactive presentation of the Normandy invasion. The user is a member of the 116th Regiment of the 29th Division of the US Army, a regiment that landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. The user will be presented with different scenarios and asked to choose between two options. With each scenario and each selected choice, additional information and primary source readings will be provided, some of which may prove influential for later choices in the “adventure.” Although the user will have many choices, the project will have eight main chapters that all users, no matter their choices, will reach: Omaha Beach, St. Lo, Brest, Siegfried Line, Roer River, Elbe River, and V-E Day.
My intended audience for this project is students and teachers who wish to learn more about the Normandy invasion of World War II. Since students may not be able (or willing) to find this project on their own, I hope to present this “choose your own adventure” as an activity for teachers to use in the classroom.
The main purpose of this project is to educate, of course, but to complicate the user’s understanding of the Normandy landings. So much of what is known about the landings comes from movies and TV, such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. While the attention to detail in these projects rivals many other historical movies and series, there are still problems with viewing the war in the passive manner that film encourages. This project is meant to stimulate historical thinking, to make students wonder whether the war had to turn out the way that it did. If anything, the users should leave the experience thinking that they not only learned something new, but learned something that corrected a previous misconception.
With the final outline more or less completed, my next steps are to use Google Slides to create a linked presentation and actually design the project itself.

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